Why Do Animals Matter?


Why Do Animals Matter?

There are animals all around us, most notably people and pets. Yet, very few of us think about the animals who share our homes with us, and how much they mean to each of us. A common denominator between people and their pets is that both require love, attention, and understanding, and a caring environment.

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by many beautiful species of animals. Animals have played an important role in human societies throughout history, providing companionship, protection, entertainment, and food. Throughout the animal kingdom there are millions of species, and some are so important that they are protected under international law. As these animals help to sustain life on earth by helping to breed and raise offspring, it is only right that we protect them from harm.

People and pets are bound together, as all life is intertwined. One can never separate one from another, and what you do with one another will affect the world in which you both live. From species of plants and animals to members of other cultures and religions, animals help to make the world a better place, just by existing. Through being there for humans, and seeing the world through their eyes, animals help us understand ourselves and others better. Through understanding, respect, and caring for animals, we become more aware of how we treat other beings, and how the world is formed by the interaction of animals, plants, and other living things.

Humans need animals to survive, and to procreate. Without animals there would be no food, no oxygen, and no forms of communication. Through the animal kingdom, man has learned to communicate and relate to other creatures. Through their mutual care, animals provide humans with companionship, security, entertainment, comfort, and help with everyday life. Humans rely on animals to help them survive, and to provide the things they cannot do on their own.

Pet owners take full responsibility for the lives they give to other people. Pets are not just animals; they are people too. As they bond with their owners, animals give unconditional love, respect, and affection that cannot be expressed in any other way. Pet lovers know their responsibilities to others, both those animals who have passed on to another world, and those who live in this one. Pet ownership is an honor, and a privilege that is extended to all who choose it.

From species to species, all share a common bond that binds the world together. People have been animals for so long that they instinctively understand and respect animals. Through understanding and compassion for animals, and choosing to adopt a pet, you help animals to feel secure in their own home and learn that the happiness and safety they seek comes from following the leader of the pack, the owner. Whether a dog or cat is the leader of your pack, animals help humans lead harmoniously in this world.