Origins of the Name, and How They Got Their Start

Boxing is a popular mixed martial-art sport where two individuals, most typically wearing protective clothing and gloves, engage in a highly competitive combat sport where they throw punches at one another for a fixed amount of time inside a boxing ring. While it does not yet have the same commercial value as football has, boxing has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years. This has been particularly true in some regions where the popularity of other sports, like basketball and baseball, has seen a decline. The main benefit to boxing is that it’s relatively cheap to get started in. In many places, it is even free. For this reason, many more people are starting boxing as a workout program and participating in amateur boxing tournaments.


Amateur boxing matches are run by amateurs (which means there are no professional referees or judges watching them). Unlike other amateur sports, where the winner is the person with the biggest purse, in boxing, the winner is the individual with the most successful record. As a result, winning a boxing match is not always the easiest thing to do. Often times, amateur fighters will fight with a ‘friendly’ opponent to get experience and build themselves up before entering professional competition. However, some fighters have become very good at winning, especially when they win a lot of matches.

Because of this, there are numerous fighters who have professional careers in boxing matches. Some of these fighters have achieved great belts in various styles of boxing and mixed martial arts. Some of these fighters have even achieved titles in multiple sports. One of the most famous fighters to earn this title is Muhammad Ali, who won seven world heavyweight championship fights. Another fighter to achieve a world heavyweight championship in this sport is knockout artist Vic Kimbo. Kimbo was also a former college athlete, before turning professional.

Beginning in the mid nineteen sixties, boxing had already gained popularity as a sport. Many people who attended boxing matches wore boxing gloves, which were created by the legendary trainer, Bob Lee Radziwill. These gloves were made to provide more protection for the boxers during fights, and to protect their fingers and hands from being injured during fights and from being cut by other fighters during training sessions.

In order to test the strength of their fists, many amateur boxing tournaments began to be held, where fighters would wear lightweight (around seventy-five pounds) boxing gloves, and one of the fighters would throw a single punch, only to see if he could actually throw it around the ring, and make it through all ten rounds of the fight. The first of these amateur boxing tournaments were held in England. These first boxing tournaments were called “lightweight exhibition bouts”, and were usually nothing more than a friendly get-together to see if the fighters could actually knock each other out. Later, the tournaments changed to “professional” boxing matches, where the matches were far more intense, with more skilled fighters, and were televised locally on different channels. “Masters of MMA” is an excellent series of amateur videos featuring many of today’s top fighters, and even some who are now retired.

Today, professional boxers are required to wear twenty-one pounds or more in pounds on their gloves, when they fight professionally. However, since amateur bouts only usually last two rounds, most fighters have no need to worry about putting on any more weight during a fight, unless they are in the professional ranks, where the rules allow them to. If you are looking for some exciting high-impact action with real men, then check out some amateur videos of flyweight bouts, that include world champions, and plenty of action, all from the comfort of your own home!

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