Issues Facing People With Work Related Stress


Issues Facing People With Work Related Stress

The concept of health has always been considered as something that is possessed by people for their entire lifetime. Health is a condition where infirmity and illness are absent. Various definitions have also been employed over the years for various purposes. It could be said that health is a state wherein all the three properties of the body are well-balanced; i.e., the body has all its parts working in unison. There is also another school of thought that says health is synonymous to having a good physical structure. According to this view, healthy bodies are generally strong, flexible and resistant to injury.

This article seeks to define health as it relates to a person’s life and the extent to which the body can be affected by the lifestyle choices that an individual makes on a daily basis. The definition may vary from one person to another but most commonly it focuses on the ability to live comfortably with one’s physical limitations. With modern technology, there are very few if any barriers to achieving what is deemed as optimal health. People from all walks of life to lead unhealthy lifestyles. The focus of this article is to show that most health problems stem from poor self-care.

The first main article addresses the increasing need for improved public health services. There has been a drastic increase in the number of elderly people as a result of unhealthy lifestyles. The need for home and community health care is greater than ever.

The second main article covers occupational safety and the hazards associated with such practices. It is well known that physical contact, or being in hazardous conditions, increases the risks of getting a disease such as cancer. Most of us recognize that physical contact and exposure to certain diseases can be harmful. The main article talks about the connection between job and illness. Jobs that require exertion such as heavy equipment are more susceptible to illness and accidents because of the risk involved.

The third main article addresses the issue of mental health. People often put their mental health and quality of life at risk because of work related stress. Stress from personal lives can also take its toll on health because it can cause depression. Some of the mental disorders that can occur as a result of stress include anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and even schizophrenia. The articles talks about ways to reduce the effects of stress.

The last main article addresses the mental health conditions that can develop as a result of work related stress. Some of the common illnesses are depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and substance dependence. The articles talks about how these conditions can be avoided. As a society, we need to address the issue of mental health more than ever.