There are various kinds of animals like Birds, Insects, Reptiles and mammals. They all require food, water and shelter to sustain their existence. Pets are those animals which remain with human beings. They can be adopted by any person as per his requirement.


Examples of birds are the Cockatoos, Storks and Macaws. Examples of animals include fishes are the Anubias, Shrimps and Basses. Examples of mammals include pigs, goats, elephants, cats and dogs. All these animals have different characteristics but mainly they eat, drink and breed in order to survive.

All these animals belong to class of animals called vertebrates. The classification of animals is based on the arrangement of their skeleton, muscles and nerves. The arrangement of the skeleton determines the type of animal. For example, a shark is not a vertebrate and it is not a fish, hence it cannot be considered a fish. Similarly, the classification of animals is also based on the arrangement of their muscles and nerves.

There are five basic classifications of animals, namely, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, ungulates and insects. The classification of reptiles includes theizards, chameleons, cormorants, iguanas and snakes. These reptiles retain certain characteristics of reptile. Examples of amphibians include turtles, crocs, salamanders and frogs.

Examples of mammals include all those animals which are descended from the ancestor of bird and fish. Examples of amphibians include all those animals which derive their nourishment from water. Examples of ungulates include all those animals which are derived from a muscular horse. On the other hand, the classification of insects includes those animals which are without hairs or exoskeletons. The arachnids, bees and termites are representative of insects.

The five different classifications of animals are broadly classified into five parts, namely, the land animal kingdom, the aquatic animal kingdom, the vertebrates, crustaceans and the fishes. Within the animal kingdom, there exist thousands of classifications. Among the vertebrates there are about six hundred kinds. Among invertebrates, the most famous ones are the sharks and the crustaceans.

The variety of animals on earth is so diverse that it is almost impossible to name every single species of animals and also the diversity of life forms. Every living animal belongs to one or more class. The class that a particular organism belongs to depends on the arrangement of its organs, muscles and tissues. A well preserved animal body can help us determine the exact characteristics of an animal.

The division of animalia into categories is primarily based on the arrangement of the animal’s skeleton, bones, skin, organs, muscles and tissues. Each class of animalia is further divided into various classes, the most important of which is the Psittacidae, the order of animals that includes all carnivores, their nearest living relatives. All land animals are divided into two main categories: Prototheria and Bacteria. Among the bacterial animals, some are representative of the unicellular organisms, i.e., the bacteria.

Among the animals, there are some representatives of each class of animals. Insects are among the least known animals. It has been extremely difficult to discover the anatomy of insects and even to know what they look like. One of the major reasons for this is that insects are part of the kingdom animalia. Other representative of insects are the aphids, arachnids and frickets. Insects have also been an object of interest to the world of science through their study and illustrations.