The Importance of Defining Our Healthy Body Image


The Importance of Defining Our Healthy Body Image

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “the condition of being capable of responding to the needs of the body and to the demands of life.” Numerous definitions have also been applied for various purposes over the years. In medicine, health is the state when all the major organs of the body function normally; when the system is functioning normally, the individual can perform his/her ordinary functions without any restrictions. It also includes the capacity to tolerate unusual stresses.

In general healthy people are free from serious diseases and their deaths are very rare. On the other hand, poor health can indicate a variety of serious diseases including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma, tuberculosis, influenza and viral hepatitis. Healthy cells in the body have the ability to produce antigens, which protect against the invasion of microorganisms that cause diseases. A person with a good health is capable of contracting diseases only when he has an immunity that is higher than the immunity of other people.

The first and the most common definition of health is the absence of any disease or death due to old age. According to this definition, health means a person who can live a long and a healthy life without the occurrence or development of any disease. On the other hand, the second definition of health is a state of complete well-being or the absence of any physical or mental disorder. According to this definition, a healthy state is associated with good health, with normal mental and physical processes, and with the absence of emotional disturbances.

The third definition of health is a health status that is maintained through a healthy diet, regular exercise and participation in social activities. According to this definition, healthy diet, regular exercise and social activities imply a well-balanced diet and a regular intake of nutritious food. At the same time, the lack of these conditions implies a poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. According to this definition, a healthy state of health is directly related to a healthy diet, regular exercise and social interaction. Therefore, this definition also emphasizes the need for dietary counseling.

It is important for people to understand the difference between ill-health and well-health. Ill-health implies the presence of physical and mental disorders that may lead to death. On the other hand, well-health is synonymous with a state of total well-being where there are no physical or mental disorders that may lead to death. A healthy lifestyle includes an active and healthy lifestyle as well as participation in community-based or professional programs that promote health. Community-based programs are those that focus on prevention and education regarding disease prevention, as well as early detection of cancer.

In a nutshell, the three most important definitions of health are the first, feeling good, second, and third. Being healthy means having a sense of well-being or being in a state of total well-being. It is the feeling good aspect that gives you the strength to overcome everyday challenges and live a happy and healthy life. Remember, if you are not feeling good, you are not being well-protected. To be healthy and to enjoy your life, it is necessary to adopt healthy behaviors such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, visiting your doctor regularly, and eliminating tobacco and alcohol consumption.