Swarmer Techniques in Boxing

Boxing is an Olympic level competitive sport where two competing individuals, usually wearing protective boxing gloves and various other protective gear like mouthpieces and hand wraps, collide in a ring for a fixed amount of time. Unlike mixed martial arts competition, which makes use of kicks, elbows, punches and other striking methods, boxing is governed by the rules set down by the International Amateur Boxing Association (IBA). A bout will be deemed contested when one of the boxers touches the opponent with “force” or when one of them “picks” the opponent.


Although boxing is frequently regarded as a brutal sport, some have turned it into a stylish and exciting sport where fighters duke it out in brutal street fights. The professional fighters wear boxing gloves, which can cost several hundred dollars, to protect their hands during the bouts. The style of boxing is also different from traditional boxing wherein the fighters wear various types of clothing and masks to create the illusion that they are glistening with sweat while battling.

Today, there are several different kinds of fighting styles prevalent in the professional and amateur sports industry. There are fighters who prefer to engage in stand up fights while there are others who prefer to throw their opponents out of the ring using powerful throws and kicks. Some of the most popular and respected fighters who are considered to be “out-boxers” include Muhammad Ali who won five world heavyweight titles and went on to defeat Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano who boxed his way to an incredible seven titles, Shawn Kovacich who boxed his way to four more titles, and Rashad Evans, who boxed his way to another four titles.

Many modern day out-boxers, although they may take the gloves off before engaging in the ring, still use their hands and forearms to ward off their opponents. This is because they want to throw their opponents out of the ring before the round ends or even gets started. Although there are several different types of boxing, all professional boxers employ certain types of tactics in order to win a match. Although there are many different techniques used in boxing, sluggers and swarmers tend to utilize some of the same methods in order to inflict as much damage on their opponents as possible.

The main techniques that swarmers and sluggers utilize is to keep their opponent at bay using elbows, knees, punches, shoves, and jabs. They will also use their feet to move around and circle their opponents in order to take them down. Although they will attempt to throw their opponents out of the ring, most often they will swarm and try to isolate their opponents until the fight is over. Once their opponent has been knocked out, most often this is where the swarmers will start to attack their opponents with their full strength. Even though they will likely not be able to hurt their opponents too badly, they will batter them until they are either defeated or forced to withdraw.

In addition to using their techniques to swarm and beat down their opponents, swarmer boxers also wear protective clothing and protective gear during fights. This is in order to protect themselves from being blinded or hit by their own punches and kicks. If a boxer is able to control his opponent well enough during the beginning of the fight, he may be able to control the fight in his favor. However, if his opponent is skilled enough, he can be easily defeated.