Olympic Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport where two individuals, usually wearing protective boxing gloves and other appropriate protective gear like mouthguards and handwraps, throw punches on each other inside a boxing ring for a pre-determined amount of time. Boxers will wear different sized gloves that enable them to throw punches with maximum force and accuracy. While boxing has become one of the most popular sports in the world today, many people do not realize the serious health risks associated with this sport. Not only does boxing put individuals at risk for serious injuries, it also poses a number of long term health risks.


For years now, boxing has been regarded as a sport where individuals can have fun. In the early part of the 20th century, boxing was regularly showcased in movies and on television shows. In fact, it was not until the middle of the 1970s that professional boxers began participating in international boxing competitions. Since then, boxing has continued to be a popular spectator sport as well as an active participatory sport. Professional boxers enjoy a wide range of health benefits and are able to maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Because of the significant health risks and the extreme physical violence involved in boxing, many cities throughout the United States have banned the sport. However, the popularity of boxing is extremely high, and numerous high schools, colleges and recreational sports teams promote boxing as a sport. Even football teams in several major cities regularly participate in mock boxing matches. One of the most notable sports to feature a fighter with a history of concussions is college football. Many football players have had their brains damaged due to repeated head injuries sustained during practice or games.

Despite the serious health risks of boxing, some trainers and boxers choose to continue participating in the sport despite the dangers. The reason why some boxers continue to participate in boxing is the sweet science of boxing. This specific style of boxing is based on a series of punches called hooks and jabs. The purpose of these punches is to disable an opponent or simply to distract them long enough for a more effective attack. Sweet science can sometimes provide the edge in competition among boxers.

Unlike most sports, boxing is both regulated and governed by governing bodies. In the United States, the National Boxing Association orboxing has overseen the development of the current professional rankings system, determining the champion and defending champions based on their standing within the sport. Other governing bodies regulate various aspects of the sport including the weight classes and the format of fights. While professional fighters compete in different weight classes than the local competition, all fighters must adhere to the same weight classes. Although there are no weight classes in olympic boxing, there are some fighters who will fight in more than one weight class to maximize their chances of winning.

As boxing matches are extremely brutal affairs, the safety of spectators and athletes has been put to the test. Because of this, many cities have banned the sport due to the danger involved in it. Although boxing matches are often associated with street brawls, they have actually become popular amongst college students and professionals alike. The popularity of this type of fighting has helped to raise the profile of boxing to other parts of the world.