A Look At Women’s Boxing


A Look At Women’s Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport where two individuals, usually wearing boxing gloves and other protective gear like mouthguards and handwraps, throw punches at each another for a fixed period of time in a boxing facility. There are several different styles of boxing that one can take part in. There is the amateur boxing where one participates in a boxing match for fun. One will use a proper boxing style that works best for them. But not all styles work equally well.

There are many different types of gloves available in the market, like: leather, synthetic, gel, cotton, punching bags, feather lightweight boxing and more. The most popular amongst these gloves are the foam padded ones as they are affordable and provide maximum comfort to the boxers. This article takes a brief look at the advantages and disadvantages of boxing.

In boxing, three rounds of eight rounds are allotted in a fight. After the first round is complete, there will be two more rounds of four rounds to decide the winner. Usually, the bout will last three rounds but sometimes, the rounds may be longer. The length of the rounds is dependent upon the weight classes of the fighters.

Unlike mixed martial arts or kickboxing wherein fights are based on who is the better fighter, boxing matches are based solely on skill. Boxers do not have to worry about the competitor’s strength since they depend on their strength to knockout their opponents. Each round is generally seven seconds in duration. This makes it very entertaining to watch. Since each round is fast moving, viewers can enjoy the action without a delay.

Though professional boxing is mostly practiced by professionals, the sport has reached a whole new level of popularity. Many amateur boxers now participate in this match. Amateur boxing is becoming more popular with the passage of time. Although some people consider this sport as just another form of boxing, many others believe that amateur boxing is the real sport.

In amateur boxing, punches are allowed to be delivered until the judges signal the bout to end. There are no limits to how many rounds there are in professional boxing bouts. The referee decides the number of rounds to make sure that fights go long enough for both competitors to get the chance to see who is the best fighter.

Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Lewis were two boxers who broke the rules and made boxing even more exciting. Both boxers changed the way when it came to what is considered as a legal exercise. They paved the way for today’s fighters who use illegal tactics to win. Some of these fighters include Muhammad Ali, who fought for the world heavyweight championship three times and Sugar Ray who won seven of her first ten boxing matches. Both of them changed the way women view women’s boxing.

Sugar Ray Lewis won eight out of ten matches, but was criticized for her match with Muhammad Ali who won the last four of their twelve fight competitions. Lewis was widely scorned for her slow pace and her inability to produce any effective aggression. Both women became popular overnight due to their style of fighting and the way the judges scored the matches.