The Most Popular Types of Boxers

Boxing is a popular sport in many countries across the world; it is an extremely popular exercise regime for those involved in various professional and amateur competitions around the world. However, boxing has sometimes been criticized for being potentially hazardous to the participant, in particular the heavyweight division. It has also been accused of being an avenue for athletes to develop their fight skills and toughen up before entering professional competition.


The governing body for world boxing is the World Boxing Association or WBA. This governing body was set up by the World Health Organization or WHO in 1970. The association was established so that amateur fighters could be regulated by a governing body with regards to their fighting style and diet. In addition, the WBA provides women and children with a safe platform to engage in competitive sports. The association also tries to expand professional and Amateur boxing throughout the world.

The World Boxing Association offers both amateur and professional boxing competition for men and women in various weight groups from eighty-five to four hundred and seventy-five pounds, with females being fourteen pounds and over. Although the United States has laws that restrict the weights and limitations for overweight persons, most other countries allow professional boxers to fight at a weight within the range specified by the athlete, the boxer’s national body or the boxer’s trainer. The rules may vary by the country or region, so check with your boxing association or gym before agreeing to fight.

The advantages of the sport can be numerous, ranging from the obvious advantages of being able to defend oneself when being punched or struck in the face. There are also the advantages of being able to engage in the sport without wearing protective gear and padding, or even using only a boxing glove. The punches received during a boxing match can cause impact to the opponent’s face and this is why many boxing matches are generally contested barefooted. In fact, boxing bouts have been known to break the bone of some of today’s strongest men!

The most popular type of boxing gloves are made out of leather, which is ideal for absorbing the force of a punch. However, some of the newer brands of boxing gloves are made with soft foam for added comfort and safety. Boxing gloves can also come in different sizes, with the junior fighters using ones that are two inches smaller than the normal size and the professionals using them to wrist kick their opponents. In a match between two boxers, the winning punch is determined by whether the opponent can be knocked out with one punch or if he or she is able to withstand the blows. Therefore, it is important to choose proper gloves according to the strength of your opponent’s punch.

The rules and regulations governing professional boxing are governed by the World Boxing Association or WBA. These stringent and protective rules were set down in order to protect the novice boxers and give the professional boxers an advantage over the opponents. The rules of the game allow boxers to fight in any corner of the ring, provided they are within the height and weight limits indicated in the bout contracts. There are no restrictions on what fighters can or cannot wear inside the boxing arena, as long as they adhere to the uniform and design. So, whatever your style of fighting may be, you should definitely invest in some nice boxing gloves so you can stay safe and protect yourself at all times.