Boxing Styles – The 3 Main Styles of Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport for both amateur and professional boxers around the world. It’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular sports today. When you step into the ring and get ready to punch, you’ll quickly learn that boxing is not only extremely physically demanding but mentally challenging as well. As you get older, you may begin to feel more like you want to quit boxing, but the better you become, the more you’ll find yourself liking the sport. If you’re interested in boxing, there are many things that you should know before you get started.


First, before a bout can officially start, there is a mandatory round of boxing drills that must be completed. Usually this includes two rounds of warm-up and then the bout itself. The purpose of the drills is for the judges to see how the fighters handle themselves during their actual bout. To be eligible for the competition, boxers must pass a comprehensive test that tests agility, speed, endurance, technique, and upper body strength.

There are various weight classes in boxing. The lighter weight classes are for beginners who don’t yet have any experience in the sport or for people who need to recover from injury. Boxers who enter into these weight classes don’t necessarily have a desire to win, but they do have the physical strength to withstand the punishment required by this sport. These are generally the same weight classes that Olympic athletes would be trained in, so boxers will typically compete in the same weight classes as they would in the Olympic Games. Additionally, there are junior and senior boxing classes, which are designed for boxers who are either just beginning their careers or have a limited amount of experience.

In the early years of boxing, the sport was banned for several years. This eventually lead to boxing matches being scheduled on short notice. However, the sport has since become much more popular. Today, boxing is a very popular sport for both amateur and professional level fighters. Many fighters train in boxing for anywhere between one to five years before competing in the big leagues, though some fighters will train in boxing for even longer.

The modern boxing styles that are most popular today differ from those of the past. In the early days, fighters would box in their own backyards, where they would spar with each other and attempt to knock each other out. Modern boxing is much different. Fighters will spar in a gym or boxing ring, where they are not only trained, but are also allowed to use their opponents’ home gyms. Many fighters use their opponents gyms as practice for their fight, but some do not. This is called amateur boxing.

Another type of boxing styles is called the in-fighter. An in-fighter generally uses his own body as a punching bag. Many times a boxer will engage an opponent inside of a building or house and then throw punches from the inside of the building. The in-fighter should rely on his speed and agility to get through a fight.